Police group dispatched to Tinkar in Darchula

A Nepal Police group has been dispatched to Tinkar at Byas Rural Municipality-1 in Darchula region, close to travel point with Tibet Autonomous Region of China. A 13-part group drove by Sub-Inspector Harka Mehata has been shipped off Tinkar alongside food things and other fundamental for themselves by a helicopter, said Deputy Superintendent of Police Manohar Prasad Bhattarai. It requires five days to arrive at the spot by walking.

The assembly of the security group acted the inclination by the area security board to the Home Ministry in such manner.

Police team (1)

Moreover, an extra six-part police group drove by Assistant Sub-Inspector Prakash Singh has been shipped off the police beat at Sitapul by a helicopter, said the police.

In the mean time, a police group drove by Deputy Inspector General of Police Prakash Adhikari has reviewed Chharung and Tinkar, the nation’s line with India and China. The group assessed the circumstance of the police positioned nearby to watch Nepal’s domains.

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