Man goes through effective spinal string a medical procedure in Kandy

A group drove by muscular specialist Dr.Sunanda Udagedara has effectively worked on a 60-year-old COVID-19 tainted man who had tumbled from a tree and endured serious harm to his spinal line, at the Kandy National Hospital.


The activity, which endured around three hours, included a group of six, including two expert specialists.

A 60-year-elderly person had been conceded to the Kegalle Hospital after he fell while attempting to cull jackfruit with the assistance of a stepping stool.

Specialist Sunanda Udagedara said that when the man was moved to the Kandy National Hospital, his legs were getting deadened and it was important to do a medical procedure.

Dr.Udagedara said that since there is a danger of COVID-19 nowadays, every tolerant is dependent upon an antigen test before a medical procedure. He said two tests affirmed that the patient is contaminated with COVID.

He said it was normal for spinal line a medical procedure to be performed on an ordinary patient, yet it would be an “phenomenal” accomplishment for the patient to be anesthetized and worked on when the degree of oxygen in his body had dropped to about 80% because of the viral disease.

He likewise focused on that this kind of medical procedure isn’t generally done when the oxygen level in the body is low at a particularly level.

Dr.Udagedara said that the one who went through a medical procedure on June 7 is getting therapy in the Intensive Care Unit and his condition is presently getting back to business as usual.

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